25 and a bit wiser.

Some realizations when turning 25.

. Doesn’t matter what other people do, just concentrate on your own life. Live it well.

. Be grateful for every single thing. Family and friends. Normally functional body and not bad looking face and small little pieces of beauty, a roof over the head, a warm and dry place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear.

. What’s affordable for you might not be applicable for other people. What you think is best might not be necessary to others.

. Youth and all of its perks will disappear someday. There will be wrinkles, the brain will lose its memories, the body will get heavier. Little by little, people won’t pay attention to you anymore. You haven’t known any of these your whole life, but now you do. So take photos of yourself whenever you want to, wear the dresses that you like, learn the fun dance you saw the other day,… Do everything your body still allows you to function as it’s supposed to. And most importantly, be kind and attentive to your grandparents, parents, and every elders who cross your life.

. “Hợp tan là lẽ thường tình”. Even if you stay at one place, people will still come and go. So just go, just go, to wherever you want to…


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