Watching MAMA 2013 while being in Mathematics class… I thought I would say it was a huge mistake, but I actually enjoyed it. Not to do again though. Once was enough.

Since I watched it in class, I didn’t concentrate on it 100%. There were performances I could only catch glimpse of once in a while. Out of the ones I watched, I liked the collaboration between Crayon Pop and Ylvis, and EXO’s performance. And Lee Seung Gi’s voice was sweet. I was glad that Touch Love by Yoon Mi Rae won Best OST. What a pity f(x) and IU didn’t attend. Their albums were ones I loved and listened to the most this year.

The snow yesterday melted all away, as if nothing ever happened. I pulled out a red sweater from the closet to wear the first time after leaving Lärkkulla (the one Linh and Duong and Nhung gave me as a Christmas gift of years ago, which is also the one Katariina said she liked). The fabric conditioner smell remained, the one I used so that I wouldn’t have to buy perfume. And I miss, again, again…

Uhm. Yeah. Although Oh Comely new issue hasn’t come yet, I still liked today.


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