I wrote some emails today, since I’ve been quite behind with it. I haven’t finished with it yet, but at least I’m a bit lighter now.

I missed lots of things while writing. I missed Lärkkulla again when I wrote to Katariina, and I thought about the moment today when I saw a man throwing gravels so the road wouldn’t be too slippery and so on and Brown Hair came to my mind. I thought about Christmas coming and this time last year I was thinking what to buy for Sofia’s family and where to go after Christmas. I thought about me and Oanh and Quan staying in Lärkkulla during the break and I went to Tampere to stay with Duong for New Year. I still couldn’t believe a year passed by this fast.

When I watched Running Man and I didn’t find it funny, then I knew my mood was really down. I know I could only do lots of things now and the feel of achievement would help. Only that feeling would help, nothing else.


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