My mood went rather down the night before, then it was lifted up instantly the moment I got the birthday gift from Linh: a constellation mug. I thought about her immediately since she said there should be something coming my way. Plus, she knew I had a wishlist on Pinterest in which I put the mug to although I would never have imagined it could come in handy one day. After a couple of hours, I was 100% sure it was her because of the address in the returning form.

The mug in its original form is one with stars. Once it’s filled with hot water, the constellations appear. Honestly, I prefer its original form since it’s very pretty, like a piece of art. It doesn’t mean I don’t like it when it transforms though, since it’s fun to watch. Additionally, I’m not supposed to soak it for long periods of time, so I drink up the tea before it gets cold and I wash the mug right after using it. Not only pretty, but also quite practical.

I wish I could take better photos but I don't have anyone to help and I don't have the tripod anymore...

I wish I could take better photos but I don’t have anyone to help and I don’t have the tripod anymore…

I went to Mathematics class in the afternoon – the last one before the test next week. We finished checking the test last year and did some extra practices. During the break, I went to print out the flight ticket for Na. It was a glorious bursting dusk when I went out. As a result, it took me about half an hour instead of 15 or 20 minutes to walk home since I took the way to see the lake and took some pictures.

Dusk at 3p.m. On the way home.

Dusk at 3p.m. On the way home.

In the evening, I went to International Living Room Valkeakoski with Matti. The meeting was warm with story about Christmas, Christmas carols, ginger bread with tea (I heard there was glögi, but I forgot and went straight to tea without looking around) and joulutorttu and so on. When the girls were singing the Christmas carols, I thought about Lärkkulla music students when they sang for Lucia morning and for Christmas Party Day last year. The girls’ voices were smooth and joyful. I really liked it. One of them actually reminded me of Sari (our Swedish teacher back then in Lärkkulla). Matti commented that they looked a lot like their mother who was also there. She was a language teacher. Then it made me thinking about her and Sari. I’m not sure how similar these two are, but it’s apparent that they are both nice and friendly and charming. The girls inherited well from their mother in this sense.

International Living Room Valkeakoski - Christmas theme.

International Living Room Valkeakoski – Christmas theme.

From here I got to know that people would sing before the Santa Claus going around to give out presents, and that apple is a tradition to be included in those bags.

I also liked talking to Matti since we hadn’t been talking a lot even when I came back to Valkeakoski. Usually we met shortly on the way then rushing to wherever we were supposed to be, so it was nice to take time and really talked.

So that was it, one of the rare days when I went out and be a bit more social. Matti was asking about my social life and I could hardly have anything to talk about. I like being alone and I need to recharge every time after occasions like this, but I find it to be good for my mentality too to go out and talk and feel connected to others somehow.

I’m thankful for a day like this.


*Written on 4th December – the day after.


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