I dreamed of a person who was gentle and protective to me. He was well-built and he usually listened to what I want and did things according to that.

I liked the dream so I tried to sleep a bit longer but then I ended up getting to another dream and when I woke up I didn’t remember much about him anymore.

Seems like I would never be able to call anyone “the man of my dreams” because I dreamed of different people each time…


Today I went out only to Lidl to buy chicken and by the way had some fresh air. I liked the atmosphere when the winter came and people got more relaxed during Christmas celebration. It felt warm and light.

In episode 17 of “The Heirs” I watched in the evening, there was one moment when Cha Eun Sang hanged the clothes in the sunshine made me nostalgic. There was some pieces of memories appearing vaguely in the back of my mind. I didn’t pause since I wanted to feel it a bit more. I didn’t plan to watch the drama again but maybe I should do so for that part. (I don’t like this drama for all sorts of reasons. There are two words to describe it in general: eye-candy and overrated. I don’t usually mention the things I don’t like so this is the first time I talk about “The Heirs” and it might very well be the last).

Tomorrow is Finland’s Independence Day. Nothing much related to me, but I think I can do some special things for myself and use it as an excuse.


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