I would very much like to go and watch Frozen in the cinema. Yesterday I watched a MV sequence of “Let It Go”, and although I didn’t like the voice of the singer who sang it (it felt like she was trying too hard), I was still fascinated by all the rest – the music, the rhythm, the visual, the colors, everything. Good that it hasn’t come to Finland yet. I’m not able to go and watch now.

Watching Running Man episode 52 made me realize that Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook are pretty compatible with each other. I really like Gary in particular and Monday Couple in general, but it just appears that Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook are more in sync. These two also attended MAMA 2013,  together presenting Nissan Juke Best Music Video award to G-Dragon. Kim Jong Kook has always been famous for his fondness toward Yoon Eun Hye though, and Song Ji Hyo is rumored to still be dating her CEO. Well, those backstage things are complicated. What will come will come.

Hopefully I will have a good sleep tonight.


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