I went to Idea Park with Dean and Antti today. I thought it would be like last time when I just went with them with the intention of meeting friends, this time would be to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere at most. Then they caught me at a total surprise when Antti paid for my cappuccino and Dean bought me a pair of warm slippers to wear at home. I didn’t think I would receive any Christmas gifts this year since I didn’t have the plan to go anywhere, so these gestures of the gentlemen really touched me.


After dropping Dean off at Emmi’s place, on the way back I was feeling carsick so I kept quiet most of the time. One of the good things to be with a Finn (Antti – in this case) was that I didn’t need to keep the conversation going all the time, enjoying the quietness was good, too. I fell asleep at some point to the soothing music in the car. It was like the chill-out music I used to listen to a lot a long while ago. It was nice.


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