Not related to the content. I put it here simply because it's the only photo I took today.

Not related to the content. I put it here simply because it’s the only photo I took today.

Andrew jumped in to talk to me today and it seemed he was frustrated. Although he and I were pretty much different, we shared the same longing for Lärkkulla last year. I told him that Valkeakoski is close to many things, like Tampere – a big city, Idea Park – a big shopping mall, and some big stores like IKEA or verkkokauppa and Gigantti and so on. Then Karjaa is similar to Valkeakoski in the sense that it’s close to Helsinki, and Helsinki has even more things to offer. I kind of liked Karjaa more since it felt like people were closer and we could reach out to somebody easier. But of course, it had to come with a group of people that I could be comfortable with. It didn’t come in a day or two. There were times I was lonely and frustrated and annoyed while being there, too, before I could get used to all that and started forming closer relationships with them. It was the effort of everyone, whether it was their intention or not, whether they realized it or not, to finally be able to establish the kind of chemistry we had at the end. Then we had to let it go, each of us followed a different path. And people like Andrew, who came back to integrate with a new group of people, would think about the past and long for it. That’s one part of the reason why I don’t want to come back. I would miss the past too much, the people and the atmosphere we had together too much, that I might not be able to see the people of the present and enjoy the moments we have, until it’s gone again.


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