This day last year, the snow was covering everywhere. We went to the church, then headed back to Lärkkulla for a formal Christmas lunch, and finished with live performances in the auditorium. I remember the quietness after everyone had gone. I remember Vera saying Merry Christmas to me, remember hugging Khoa before he went to Helsinki. I was worried, but it wasn’t like this.

I had intended to go to International Day but I didn’t feel like it today anymore, so I didn’t even go to take a look even I was at school. I felt better though. Nina was a cheerful librarian, Van Sephiro was a sweetheart, and Ngoc also smiled when she met me. Van Sephiro lent me her bus card and I went to Vietnamese store in Tampere to buy some essential spices and ingredients. It was good for a change. It took me away from the current stage for a while. I reminded myself that the situation can be improved. Just do what I need to do. Even if I’m a burden for some people, they are not of any significance to me anyway. They can be cold and make my life harder than it already is, but I will live my life at my own pace and their opinions will just stay as their own opinions, nothing more.

Why so serious?

As long as I remember to always be kind.


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