I liked the library today. There was a guy with a red jacket (and a pipo?) who was working on something on the computer and he showed interest in whatever I was doing nearby the printer and scanner. Not the kind of nosy interest, only pure interest and supporting, as if he would be eager to help if I asked. And Nina the librarian was her usual cheerful self. When she heard that I would be here alone during Christmas, she immediately thought of some things to recommend me to do. Although it didn’t help much, I was thankful for her kind intention. Oh, and when I told her I would read some good books and watch some movies, she told me not to read school books. Oops. How did she know?

Achievement of the day was completing my extension of study right application and sending my mom some papers so they can send me money to renew my visa. These things endlessly drain my energy. I can’t wait to graduate and find a job.

Received a message from Doina and chatted a bit with Linh. Had some fried pumpkin (myskikurpitsa – Cucurbita moschata Butternut squash?) with garlic and fish sauce. Hopefully the night would be good, too.


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