I didn’t intend to post anything today, but now I think I would feel uncomfortable so I’ll post the newest song of IU. Its original name was See You On Friday, then they shortened it to Friday as they released. And yeah, they released it last Friday. Today, it marked the second time in a year that IU achieved perfect all-kill with a song, last time it was in October with The Red Shoes.

A perfect all-kill (“PAK”) happens when an individual song sweeps all of South Korea’s major music charts and places first on the weekly iChart on Instiz. -allkpop

This song is the title song for her repackaged album “Modern Times – Epilogue”. The album includes all the song from Modern Times, including this song and Crayon (this one is for the current dramas she stars in which is Beautiful Man – Bel Ami). Both are her own composition.

Like many other title songs of IU, I didn’t like this song at first. Her voice and Jang Yi Jeong are nice but I think the rhythm and background music are a bit messy. Plus, the MV is kind of dark (literally), so it took me a while to realize there was a love triangle in the MV. Jang Yi Jeong who sang the duet with her turned out to be the outsider who looked at IU being with another guy (this other guy was featured in her Red Shoes MV). Then, history repeats, I turn to agree that it’s really suitable to be a title song. The atmosphere of the MV was nice and warm, it even made my heart skip a beat and melt when the guy opened his coat to welcome a hug from IU then he wrapped IU inside the coat in his arms.

Like, A A A A ~~~~


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