. I planned to knit socks for my parents around this time last year. After finishing my first pair and doing the second one, the days had gotten much brighter and I was busy with the test which I had been preparing months for. Then I moved back to Valkeakoski and I haven’t been able to do anything much ever since. I was chatting with my family last Sunday, my mother and sister were discussing about what my sister should bring back to Vietnam this Tet, and it suddenly dawned on me that I can send my sister the pairs of socks for her to bring back to Vietnam on my behalf. (Not that I didn’t think of sending to my parents straightly from here, but none of the postcards my sister and I sent them reached their hands, so sending anything more valuable was out of question. The matter of when I would go back to Vietnam was still hanging in the air, so that wouldn’t bring any immediate solutions). I continued the unfinished pair of socks from the heel part in the afternoon on Monday, and finished it at around 3p.m on Tuesday. I asked my sister’s address the night before but of course she hadn’t replied by that time (we both have this very bad habit. I didn’t have problems with answering emails when I was working in GPD but when it comes to personal stuffs…), consequently I turned to Pierrick who seemed to always response much quicker. As expected, he replied my message just in time and I got the package to the post office right before all the parcels were collected to be sent away. It was an achievement! It took me about a week to finish a pair before, whereas I made it roughly 2 days this time. I forgot so much after a year and therefore made some mistakes, but I hope both pairs would still be wearable and durable. When I knitted with the warm and soft yarns and thought about them wearing the socks I myself made, I was very happy. Now I could do nothing more but hope that the package will reach my sister on time. More than 7€ was paid for this priority delivery, I hope it was put to good use.

The right one of each pair has a white dot which doesn't show clearly here. I could knit the same color all the way up but I just thought it would be cuter the way I did. : p

The right one of each pair has a white dot which doesn’t show clearly here. I could knit the same color all the way up but I just thought it would be cuter the way I did. : p

. I wasn’t well yesterday evening. I was kind of freaked out, cold, and scared. In times like that, I always knew I could take care of things myself, it would eventually turn out okay even if it could be unpleasant and time-consuming, but at the same time I would there would be somebody I could lean on by my side. I wish I didn’t have to face everything alone.

. This gif brought me to watch Austenland. Well, to be honest, JJ Feild as well contributed a great deal for this decision. He starred in Northanger Abbey as Henry Tilney and I liked him rather well in it, so it was like natural for me to watch him again in another Austen-related movie. I wouldn’t say I like this one, but its OST was brilliant. One of the moments was when I heard White Nights by Oh Land. People don’t often seem to know the song nor Oh Land so I’m happy whenever I coincidentally hear it. Another moment was when the female lead Jane was asked (a.k.a forced in this case) to play the piano and she sang “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes, I am getting so hot, I’m gonna take my clothes off”, which was very funny. I also remember the first time I heard the song was when Mette practiced it in the sauna when we were in Lärkkulla and how everything out of nowhere suddenly matched so well together (apparently, duh!). It brought back good memories.

. I changed the themes for both my tumblr and here. My previous theme for tumblr was a green bedroom with starry sky. It presented me so well and I liked it a lot, I think I kept it for, like, 2 or 3 years? I don’t remember exactly, but it was a very long time, I hardly use any themes for that long. Then one of those days when everything bugged me, the fact that my avatar there didn’t show properly which had always been the case suddenly bugged me more than usual, I decided to change. At first I thought of this current theme since I saw it earlier on another tumblr a long while ago I don’t remember what it was anymore, I just remember there were some birds in the background and it was pretty, and remember I would have changed my theme to it if the person didn’t currently use it at the time and I was still okay with my current-back-then theme. But since I didn’t remember what it was anymore I couldn’t track back how to get the theme, so at first I changed to one which I could change to the same rose background like my theme here (I’m totally into this rose color now). The quote post was set in a font that was hard to read though. After some trying and testing many many themes back and forth, more searching here and there and everywhere, just when I thought okay that’s it let’s just use that rose-background-changeable one, I typed in “tumblr” thinking “wait, now I don’t remember that theme name anymore”, and ta-da, there was a suggested link and I was like “could it be…?” and there it was, my long-searching theme! Turned out I bookmarked it already. A great example of searching for something that’s right in front! I’m quite satisfied with how my tumblr looks now. If only there’s a Search box somewhere and the text is bigger and the quote post was set in another font (i.e. easy to read and still Vietnamese-readable), I wouldn’t have any other complaints. But well, so many themes (too many) out there but it’s hard to find one which has it all – pretty, beautiful font, easy to read, reasonable size, proper display avatar, with all possible functions. I’ve got the best I could get.

And since we’re already on topic of blog… I’ve been thinking, I would want to freely write what’s on my mind without considering who’s reading it. It has been like that ever since I started publicly writing my thoughts in 9th grade (11 – 12 years ago), why should it be changed? I mean, okay, people have been talking about how it could affect my employment and now when it comes to the time when I seek for one I should give it some serious thoughts, but this is my personal blog and it should first and foremost serve its purpose. I’m a human after all, and one with strong emotions at that. I have my ups and downs, I could be brightly happy and I could also be greatly vulnerable. Above all, despite how I could dislike myself for each of us is our greatest enemy, I know I’m a person with a good heart. I’m honest, I don’t like to hide things even if it’s for my advantage because that’s one kind of lying, too. I don’t want to pretend to be anyone I’m not. So I’ll just write my heart out. My personal blog(s) should reflect who I am, truly. People can judge but they can also appreciate, who knows.

This is why I so want to write in Vietnamese sometimes. A while ago I read the notes I wrote by hand to my daily-runner, some were in Vietnamese and some others were in English. The Vietnamese notes sounded like I was writing for myself, and the English ones were like writing for somebody else to read. It was weird. I wrote for myself only. And really, I always like it better when I read a blog from where it feels like I can feel the person’s characteristics, than ones which are well polished but it’s hard to say if it’s real.

. I quite like the idea of “Slip a happy note into a library book for a stranger to find” from here. Other suggestions were nice, too, just that this one seems to suit me the most.

. Why I think of writing little notes and it ends up to be so long every time…


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