There’s no more coming to class this week so I can take time to write now.

. Last weekend I visited Doina at her new apartment. We cooked, talked about a lot of things (which could be done via writing, too, but it was just much better with having conversation face to face) including how we had been doing and books, and watched Gentleman’s Dignity. It was comfortable, and comforting. Apart from the fact that once in a while I liked being pampered (she’s a lot like my sister in this sense) and that it felt like I was appreciated for the things I don’t even know myself, there was just this air around her that was very soothing, and warm.

Tea and cookies. We didn't even pay attention what was inside the tea box, it was bought simply because of how cute it was. Fortunately, the tea was good. The cookies had blueberry jelly on top (at the other side :")) and cream in between. The cup was pretty, so was the tablecloth. ❤

Tea and cookies. We didn’t even pay attention what was inside the tea box, it was bought simply because of how cute it was. Fortunately, the tea was good. The cookies had blueberry jelly on top (at the other side :”)) and cream in between. The cup was pretty, so was the tablecloth. ♥

. On the way back to Valkeakoski, I saw a guy I knew from Mathematics class. He was one of the high school guys who called my name one time in class but I wasn’t sure. I noticed him because he looked like another guy from Lam’s class who was full of himself. All in all, no good impression, but enough for me to recognize his existence. When he came up in the bus, I turned to look at him (still find it funny about this conditioned reflex of turning to see who gets on the bus without any reasons to). Inevitably, our eyes met. And awkwardly, since it wasn’t like we didn’t know each other, but it wasn’t the relationship of greeting each other either. We stared at each other for a couple of seconds, then I didn’t know what else to do than turning my eyes away. Found it hilarious somehow. And nice, too. I always have that feeling when I meet a person I thought I wouldn’t meet again (not one in my blacklist of about two, of course). I mean, we never know when it will be the last…

. I came back to Statistics class, which actually wasn’t bad because it was taught by Mikko S. (he taught me Mathematics during autumn semester). I like him and his subjects now much more than my first year here (school year 2007-2008). Him of the present knows how to explain things, and I especially like his humor. I think he has become more charismatic over the years (Many people have been exclaiming to me how handsome he is. I wouldn’t say he’s not handsome, imho ‘charismatic’ would be more of a suitable word though). Then the scale of the class is different (smaller than it used to be), the classroom is different. I hope it will be as comfortable as studying Maths previously, and that the result will be satisfying.

. tumblr has been the place I go to these days. I neglected it for a long while because it was rather time-consuming (it’s tempting to endlessly scroll through beautiful photos and words), but now when facebook has become a suffocating place full of negative thoughts (either that, or looking-through-a-pair-of-pink-glasses posts) and depressing news I would prefer not to know about, I decide to come back to tumblr. There’s still no real connections here, but the thoughts are more intimate and real, and I get to know a lot more – books and writers, movies, TV shows, actors/actresses and singers, useful tips, etc. I also learn to reblog more often with pictures of actresses I like and humorous posts which made me laugh (and oh dear, how much I want to smile and laugh these days!). I used to keep it beautiful and calm, but seriously, I used to say “Don’t be embarrassed of what you like” and why did I choose to hide anything? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I want to be more like myself, I want to be able to show who I really am without the need to cover any imperfections.

. After practicing it for a couple of times, I’ve gotten the hang of curling my hair with the curling iron. I was planning to buy the one Jen uses (Babyliss Pro 1.5″ Ceramic Curling Iron), but I wasn’t familiar with inches so I ended up buying the 32mm (which was the biggest size on lookfantastic) instead of the 38mm. I don’t regret much though, since my hair isn’t as long as Jen’s and the curls loosen quite nicely already with the one I have. I might think about getting another one when my hair grows longer still, it’s a possibility. Not in a near future though. the near future in my imagination now is being able to curl my hair to how I want it to look like with the current curling iron I have, being comfortable enough to walk out with it, and knowing how to do it again. Jen does everything so effortlessly but it has been taking me a while to do all the small details right. It’s amazing how many things could go wrong, but I’m hopeful. Oh, and I like the TRESemmé heat protection spray I bought when I went to Sokos with Doina also. Heat defense up to 230°C, discount from €8.90 to €5.90, nice smell, no sticky feeling – what else would I ask for?

. My sister’s family came back to Vietnam safely. The pairs of socks I knitted for my parents reached her on time, so they received it also. Tomorrow is going to be Lunar’s Eve. I’m not going to do anything, just the thoughts about them would be enough.


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