I got seriously angry yesterday when Louis bashed Ellen Page for her speech. When I first saw what he posted on facebook, my first reaction was to hide his post and move on with my life. But then it still bothered me so much. He said she was just a mediocre actress at best who just wanted attention after a while not being able to make anything entertaining, that she made herself too important, that she wouldn’t be discriminated whatsoever because she’s in Hollywood, that she should donate her money and get out there to help real people with real problems. I was greatly disappointed. From what I had been seeing from his facebook, I thought he would understand that everyone has their own problems, it’s unfair and cruel to tell another person that their problems are nothing to begin with since there are other people who have it worse. “Just because one person’s problem is less traumatic than another’s doesn’t mean they’re required to hurt less”. And we don’t live their lives, we can’t make assumptions base on how we see it and how we want to see it. Everyone has the right to choose their lives, they are entitled to make the sacrifices they are capable of, they shouldn’t have to throw their hard-earned money away or risk their lives just to prove their opinions and feelings are valid. Being an actress, whether or not she’s a great one, shouldn’t affect the truth that she’s also a human being. Why was it necessary to bash her? I watched her speech again and again, and what I saw was an inspiring message asking people to treat each other nicer, an empathizing message to people like her to love themselves, to allow themselves to love because it’s a beautiful thing. I didn’t see her making herself more important than anyone else, she said she was gay rather quietly I almost didn’t hear it. Her voice was shaking especially toward the end but she made it anyway. I’ve seen people struggle so hard about their sexuality. What are you to tell them their suffering is nothing and they’re making themselves too important? Where are your nice words about living positively, “be a witness, never be a judge”? They are normal people just like everyone else and should be treated like one, but that very basic human right doesn’t come to them naturally and they are not even allowed to come out and encourage each other? And I don’t see anything wrong with her timing. If there’s anything, it should be the fact that it was on Valentine’s Day, the day we were supposed to toast for love.

The previous time I got sad because of another thing totally unrelated to me was about Flappy Bird. I first knew about the game when people from different locations in the world talked about it a lot on tumblr. Then I knew the creator of the game was Dong Nguyen – a Vietnamese, and I was kind of proud and happy, until all the negative things flooded in and he decided to take the game down. It was unbelievable to see how people can turn so ugly to a person who created a game for other people to enjoy. I kept thinking why people need to be so angry and insensitive, to the point of wishing another human being to die or get something bad happen to his life when he didn’t do any harm to anyone. I kept thinking about the government who was so quick to think of calculating the tax thoroughly instead of recognizing, encouraging, protecting a talented person. And from all what I saw, he just appeared to me as an introverted person with good manners. However he decided to do with his game and his life was his own responsibility, he chose what suited him best. We were not him to decide how he should live his life, how to deal with success and money and tax and life-threatening. Who are we to know and judge.

I decided to not read anything on facebook anymore. If I could, I would deactivate my account already. I still need it to get updated for school courses and communicate with teammates, so I’ll hang in there a little more. But it’s so tiring and disappointing. It really is.


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