I don’t feel like talking much these days.

It feels as if it’s noisy enough with all the thoughts buzzing in my head.

The sunny days make me feel somehow restless.

It calms me down when the rain falls.

The rain was pouring down the other day, with thunder and lightning and all. It was scary, but I liked it nonetheless. (Must be because I was safely inside.)

It reminded me of a particular day when I was small. It rained outside. My dad was also home, maybe he was reading newspapers in his room. I made a bowl of hot instant noodle for myself, crawled into my bed (which still had bed net putting up during the day), and read Harry Potter. How cozy and relaxing.

The days with no worries…

I walked outside on another rainy day. It wasn’t rain when I was outside though, only before and after (how lucky). I saw 3 familiar faces that I couldn’t recall when and where I met them. A person even smiled and nodded at me while jogging pass by. I also saw a white cat, absolutely cute on a fence beside a tree. I wish I carried my camera.

I wrote for Jiu on tumblr, I hope she will see it. It took me a while to edit the photo for the post. I thought I knew better but apparently learning is endless. I came out of tumblr and found more resources on deviantART. That page has been around for such a long time. Many people learned from it years ago, I’ve only started. But it’s okay. I can grow at my own pace.

Filmed the rain the other day. My hands weren’t very stable and there’s no evidence of the rain but anyway…

Seems like it’s going to rain later today though? : )


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