The little charm.

Master’s Sun necklace & rose hair-tie.

I bought the Master’s Sun necklace a while ago for 3 reasons.

First, because of Truc who suggested me the drama. I like Master’s Sun, I find all the characters to be super cute (especially Gong Hyo Jin) and they created a very nice atmosphere in it (despite me having to wake up early in the morning to watch due to ghost scenes), but the main reason was because of Truc though. I kind of want to have something tangible to connect us, apart from the beautiful memories we had in Full House in summer 2012.

Second, because of Kim Yuna. She’s the model for J.Estina, the jewelry company that produces this necklace. I can’t afford to buy two separate products, so I decided to combine two occasions into one during their sale.

Third, because of the “sun” symbol. I like the nickname they gave me during Lärkkula, “aurinko Chi”. The people, the place, the things we did, the memories we created and shared. I even like myself back then, with all the possible flaws.

When I first received it, it was smaller than I imagined, but it actually fitted nicely on my neck. I wore it all the time. At home. To my sleep. It was super cute, like a little charm.

It came together with a rose hair-tie. I didn’t like it at first because of the color. I soon got over that fact. “Oh, it’s a rose!”. Later on, I also discovered that it was quite a good hair-tie, firm enough to hold all my hair (which is, a lot) and still gentle enough to not hurt my hand when I tied. It didn’t seem to be loosen easily either (something which often happens since I have way too much hair and normal hairband couldn’t keep up with it for long). For something that was absolutely free, added as a bonus, it was definitely something practical that I valued.

I was thinking about writing this post ever since I received it, but my writing wasn’t consistent for a while despite me being extremely excited every now and then. I won’t say I will fix it. I will just do.


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