“You’re slower than others but you’re a bright and positive child. A slow but kind child.”

I heard about Infinity Challenge as the number 1 variety show in South Korea, it keeps its high rating and respect from viewers despite running for 9 years already. So after finishing with SBS Heroes, I started with Infinity Challenge – its Speed Racer episodes. I was never into cars, let alone car racing with so much potential accidents, so I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed watching it. In one of those races, when HaHa raced against 2 competitors who were seen as of higher level than him, he used an automatic racing car which was easier to use but not possible to speed up, but in the end he actually won. For that, he got to be one of four final racers for Infinity Challenge team, who would participate in Korea Speed Festivals with real racers. He said to the car: “You’re slower than others but you’re a bright and positive child. A slow but kind child”. I couldn’t help but thought about myself. I’m like that, too. I’m not talking about competing and finish first necessarily, but about the fact that even if I might be slower than others, I have other characters and it will come handy in time. I’m like that car, I’ll be useful if properly handled. I want to be useful to others, too…

Yesterday I went for an interview for a cleaning job. They were nice, the couple, the dog, and the two cats. I didn’t get the job though, which was a pity, but I didn’t regret much. The transportation cost would be higher than the salary. I like them and I would still try if they chose me, I was also okay when they didn’t. A bit sad, yes, but it was okay. We also recorded a voice over sample in Vietnamese. They had their own company for audio products, and they said they would put my sample there and will contact me if something comes up. I don’t have high hope but it was fun nonetheless. She also said I’m a very sweet person and it was very nice to meet me…

I was thinking of going to eat or watch a movie, but then I just passed by Ruohonjuuri to buy some drinks and cornmeal and then went back. I talked to many strangers during the whole trip already anyway, mostly in Finnish, and I was feeling nice enough I didn’t need more. The bus driver opened… I don’t know what it’s called but it’s a small part at the top of the bus, so that the wind could come in. I didn’t sleep deeply but it was pleasant, with the feeling of the wind flowing gently on my face and through my hair.

When I got back home, a girl asked me whether I would want to help translating a Korean drama from English to Vietnamese. I helped her translated another drama before so this time I also said yes. It seems like I have an invisible bound with words. It’s not easy and I’m not the best one around, but working with it, practicing day after day… There’s a sense of comfort in it.

I’m going to have to renew my visa real soon. I’m so anxious with it. I hope it will turn out okay…


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