. I took that photo and it came to my mind that I had a similar photo before. Turned out, it was also a photo I took because of f(x). Last year, when I was obsessed with Pink Tape and became their fan. I miss f(x)…

. Translated a Korean song from English to Vietnamese. Cleaned the bathroom. Hand-washed undergarments.

. “It’s Okay That’s Love” has been good so far. Since I didn’t even want to spend virtual money on kites for Vietnamese subs, I downloaded raws on d-addicts (BarosG version) and English subs on subscene (from riri13). Works pretty well.

. Laughed while reading some comments on netizen buzz. Some people are hilarious, there are some good jokes there. I used to avoid it before, thought of it as a gossip place that would negatively affect my mind. In fact, allkpop is worse and I survive it, while people on netizen buzz actually seem to be more rational. Plus. the person who handles NB gives me the impression that she’s well-organized, neither as biased as allkpop nor intentionally starts fan-war. She simply translates popular comments on Korean sites. Considering the fact that K-netizen has an enormously strong power on Korean entertainment industry, it isn’t bad to know the general opinion from Korea, as well as reading comments from international point of view. It’s pretty fun. When I feel overwhelmed, I just get out. After all, my opinion is my own. I can see other’s and think for myself.

. It has been cooler thanks to the rain. Not too hot that it’s hard to sleep, not too cold that I have to close the windows. Finland at its best. I should go out more. Like Khoa said, to dive in love, heh.

. Breathe.


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