Happy birthday, dearest Pi-chan! ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

20140802 ChucMungSinhNhatPi_small

Dear Pi-chan,

Apparently I’m very late. I’m sorry, it has been hectic. I hope you don’t mind?

So it has been a year since our strolling day in Tampere. I still remember we asked for a small candle in that small vintage cafe and felt sorry immediately after since they had to look all over the place for it. Then we were just sitting there, watching the world, talking about all sort of things that I don’t remember anymore. Random stuffs – our thing.

How are you this year? You’re going nicely along the path you’re choosing I guess, constantly looking for inspirations and striving for the best, as you always do. I’m inspired by you, too, don’t know if I ever mentioned that.

The answers for our questions about the future, I hope in time we will know… I hope you had a great birthday, and your new age will come with good health, new energy, lots of fun and love and laugh and happiness. Wish you all the best, always.

With love,

little Chi

P.S: I was scratching my head to figure out how to design the card for you. Due to my current limited design ability, it didn’t turn out as airy and free as my original intention… but I hope you like it nonetheless :”) I remember you with dandelion : ) ready to fly…


0 thoughts on “Happy birthday, dearest Pi-chan! ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

  1. Dear sis,

    I couldn’t describe how happy I was when I read this. I miss the Finland—and us—so much that sometimes I felt so lonely and sad here. Life is hard, too. But, knowing that you are there, and that these warm days in Finland existed, gives me a lot of strength to keep moving forward. The answer to our lives still lie ahead, but I believe that someday we can meet, smile, and be happy again.

    %%- :* 😡 >:D<

    Love you much, my dearest sister.

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