i slept for about 10 hours yesterday

in my dream, Lärkkulla was on an island

i was happy

and the time came and we all needed to go

oanh and i were talking to each other, wondering how we could stay

“maybe we should camp here, you know”

on the green field of grass and everyday going for a swim

but we couldn’t stay

i struggled with the thought and it felt like…

it felt like

the end of the world.


when i woke up, the morning was pure and fresh though

the sun was shining and there was this comforting chill in the air

for a little while, my mind was at ease

it felt like forever

the question

how can i stay

how can i stay

please let me stay


i’m going to watch beauty and the beast

it always reminds me of doina

“the beauty is found within”


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