for 140826

. i went to school to ask about the courses and Päivi was as nice as ever. Raija was also there and she talked to me in finnish. she’s the only person who does that and i’m very grateful to her. every time i would feel the thoughts rushing through my brain neurons as if it could spark electric, but i’m glad i still could communicate at all with my broken finnish. i looked at Leena who was beside Raija at the time and she was half surprised half pleased. for a moment i didn’t know why, then i realized i was talking in finnish casually and she might not expect seeing a foreign student doing that. all in all, everything felt nice and made me smile.

. it kept being sunny then raining then being sunny again, around and again like a circle. i’m glad i chose the right timing. at some point it was raining when i wasn’t at home though, so i stayed longer in S. going back and forth between different cleaning sprays, still couldn’t decide what to buy.

. dr. marten’s boots weren’t the most easy-to-wear pair at first, but after a while breaking in, it’s gradually becoming my favorite. i liked it at first and seriously lovin’ it now.

. i wasn’t a big fan of ice-cream here since to me they generally were too sweet (i only liked Nhung’s handmade ice-cream, especially matcha flavor – yum!). during his trip here though, Dean bought some ice-cream cones and, intentionally or not i don’t know, he left them in my fridge (he might think i need to gain more weight through whatever ways possible). yesterday i was kind of going to the idea of eating them instead of giving away, and i needed to clear some space in my already tiny frozen section of the fridge, so… yeah. i think i’ll want to eat more ice-cream in the future. i’m craving now actually. this is soooo not good. i blame you, Dean!


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