i dreamed of missing a flight again

then some sort of pampering love from a group of people that i never experienced before except in this dream

thought about “in a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy”

no, not yet

and maybe not in a dream…

the day was sunny

didn’t turn on my laptop early, i had breakfast while reading oh comely and then taking a bath first

the article about Daniel Radcliffe was inspiring

made me like and admire him more, and made me want to write

another inspiring person i got to know more today was Jung Saem Mool

i suppose she’s been quite big in Korea for a while but i only knew her… yesterday

i watched some videos from her channel of YouTube which is also in english (yay!)

then videos of her giving instructions on some of her make-up rules (1) (2) (3)

and an interview she did for arirang, which was long but worth it

i plan to watch some of these again

not that i have many make-up tools to play around with, but maybe to know the basics better and have some practice

make-up is very interesting

this one for example, not from Jung Saem Mool, but it made me want to try the look

the model is Lee Sung Kyung from YG, she’s currently taking part in it’s okay that’s love


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