In the mail today.

In the mail today.

. Got this book for free since Oh Comely offered some books to their subscribers. I wanted The Art of Joy but it ran out at the time and chose this instead. Maybe, it’s fate.

. I dreamed about flying from one wooden box to another. Somebody or something was chasing me, so I kept flying. Every time I thought it was the end, I found another box to fly up to. Trying to fly up, up, up, to another broader place. There were some other things. Like, a cat, and my sister. I wasn’t sure. Then I woke up. Tired, I fell asleep again, until a voice inside my head told me “You better do something now”. So I woke up, for real.

. It was another cloudy day. No bright sunshine.

It felt like I was isolated from the world.


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