morning sunlight

morning sunlight

last night i dreamed of being in a marriage

we were in two rooms though, it wasn’t a happy marriage that we dream of when we get into one

don’t know why i didn’t feel bad

met a person

strange feelings

when i woke up, i felt rather light

the mood went up and down several times during the day

got to know about ladies’ code tragic car accident, eunb passed away and two others in critical condition

remember being impressed by one of their songs a while ago

received email from student affair office and the course they mentioned seemed interesting

an unexpected bill came

cleared up the mailbox a little bit and realized they didn’t get it wrong, just me being forgetful in the midst of too many things, so no need to argue

continued reading eleanor&park

kept thinking “what will happen to them? please let them be together”

cheesy at times, but it’s been a nice read nonetheless

felt pretty

stepped outside to feel the warm air, held onto summer for as long as possible

it touched me when people came together to make eunb’s lifelong wish came true

and the song with its lyrics “Today I cry, I wish you happiness forever, good bye” and “It’s okay to think of me once in a while and smile”

really brought tears to my eyes

death is something we could never, ever get used to


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