. So now I know that RiSe was in Running Man. She was paired with Kwang Soo and I kinda liked watching her although I didn’t know who she was. I mean, there were so many people appearing in Running Man, sometimes I knew beforehand who they were but sometimes I might know them later on depending on whether or not I saw or heard about them on other occasions. This time, I’m reminded of RiSe on the day she passes away. Previously I was pretty sad and also cried when reading about EunB passing away, I knew RiSe was in critical condition – 9 hours of surgery, 4 days of being unconscious, and 3 times stopped breathing – but it didn’t occur to me that I knew her on another level. I watched her smiles, I watched her laughs when she was still alive. The attachment is stronger than looking at the photo of a person who I don’t have any encounters with before, although it’s already as devastating as it is when I know a human being passes away. Rest in peace, EunB and RiSe. My deepest condolences to your families. Stay strong, Ladies’ Code.

. On a brighter note, Sam seemed to be having lots of experiences on his first Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam. They organized it in his school in which he was the smallest class according to age range. They had some performances but he cried when he got to the stage, so he was in a corner near the audience with his mom/my sister when his friends were dancing. Then today my sister and Pierrick took him to Vietnam Museum of Ethnology since they had some traditional games for children. In the evening, the neighborhood also had an event with some dragon dance around the street or something. Oh and before all these, a couple of days ago my mom took him to Hanoi old streets to buy traditional toys for this festival. He also had the kind of white moon cake in fish shape at some point, and I heard that he turned it to a lump of flour not long after. Christophe Thai Binh got bigger but still quite small, and he was only easy with his mom/my sister. My mom said Pierrick said he could be considered as my sister’s toy, he let her flipping him around and whatever but he would be quite grumpy with other people. They could play with him during the day, but the evenings were exclusively for his mom, he wouldn’t be very pleased to be in anyone else’s hands. Oh children. Troubles and fun and cuteness at once.

. The weather was sunny and warm this week here. It made me feel blissful every time I went out.

just some yellow leaves among the green ones for a while now.

just some yellow leaves among the green ones for a while now.

I received some more rejection letters. When I continued reading Quiet some days ago, my mind got stick to the phrase “unnatural rah-rah version of myself” and wondered whether I should do something else for my cover letters. If anything, I suppose I would want to write “I consider kindness as my most valuable trait, I have patience for people and for learning new things”. But nobody asked about kindness. Which reminded me about an article I read a while ago about some inconvenient truths, that people wouldn’t care about whether you’re kind or not, it would be whether you can do the job or not. And another article about if a company is in the phrase where they need to choose between a person who’s highly talented and another who’s less talented but more hard-working to lay-off, they would choose to keep the second one. Well, all the confusions. I wouldn’t dare to claim to be more talented or more hard-working than anyone, just that… I’m capable of doing things. Learning whatever I need to do until I’m comfortable of doing those and improve from that, with all the things I learned and experienced before, I know I’m capable just like anyone else if given the chance. But, will there be a place that accepts me here? We were told that Finland needs foreigners, and I was told that my observant and quiet personality as an introvert would be valued especially for Finns… Maybe not quite so in reality?

On the side note, I’m thinking about probably trying to get a job for a radio channel. I know a lot about K-pop by now, and I kind of want to let people know that K-pop is more than Gangnam Style by Psy, or The Boys by Girls’ Generation. They’re good, there’s just more.

. It’s Okay That’s Love was coming to the end. Episode 14 was quite sad, which was expected to any dramas when it came to the end. I liked Gong Hyo Jin’s acting. I also came back to continue watching The Princess’ Man. Recently I had the feeling that I should watch/know/listen to as many things as possible before I know more than I should, since apparently knowing about the scandal of the main lead led me to not be able to absorb the emotions of the drama. All the time I was criticizing Park Shi Hoo’s character, screaming in my head to Moon Chae Won’s character “Don’t love him!!”. I shipped her character with the second lead, which made it hard to watch. Gonna be so heartbreaking, gah ~


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