The Princess’ Man (or Shin Myeon’s appreciation post)

*This is not a review, just my personal feeling. Spoilers ahead.

I finished The Princess’ Man. I originally watched it because of Moon Chae Won, but the more I watched, the more I felt for Song Jong Ho’s character – Shin Myeon.

screencap ep 5.

screencap ep 5.

He was somehow familiar but only later on when I looked up about him, I got to know that he was in Reply 1997. I honestly wouldn’t want to be cool or anything for taking up the unpopular opinion, just that Reply 1997 didn’t move me and I watched it simply because of the hype. Everybody was praising it, people said it was good, and I thought okay let’s give it a try and that was that. I supposed it all came down to personal taste, occasionally I found myself liking the things many others do. Anyway, I didn’t remember much after watching this drama.

In The Princess’ Man however, he was the main reason I followed it through. The previous time when I struggled because I felt a lot more for the second lead than the lead one must be Autumn in My Heart, but I watched it too long ago and didn’t watch it again so it didn’t bother me anymore. This one was new and I could say it was quite a heartache to watch him trying in vain to get the girl. I knew he would have wanted to protect the girl when he saw her cry a couple of times. I knew he would have developed feelings for her when her father suggested they join in conjugal ties. Certainly I knew it when his gaze started changing when he looked at her, watching her and thinking how good it would be if this fine girl were to be his wife. It was lovingly warm and gentle. Then gradually it was filled with sadness and anguish. He didn’t choose the path that others would expect him to, but it was for his father and future wife. And he had feelings for her. It pained me to see him desperately tried and tried again, looking at her right in front of him but yet so faraway, trying the best he could to protect her and please her but all he received back was more and more anger. Nobody stopped and sincerely asked him why he did the things he did. Everyone was busy blaming and pouring anger on him. He got an arrow shot to his shoulder, the girl he loved and his closest friend were there but nobody bothered to be worried for him. He was so sad, so lonely… Sometimes I couldn’t help but feel like reaching out to hug him, or hold his hands. I don’t know, something, just to ease his pain. Or yell at them, enough, that’s enough, he’s hurt enough. Maybe if there was some warmth, sympathy, sincerity going his way instead of raging up and in the end every one would just hurting more and more, something would have changed?

And Moon Chae Won’s character… She did a wonderful job to portray a small and fragile lady on the outside but strong-spirited inside, not afraid to fight for what she thought was right and stood by it. Just that, it bothered me how she dealt with her family. Certainly her father did wrong, but she seemed to cut ties with everyone else in the family as well. When her brother was so sick he was going to die, she was the only person he continuously wished to meet, but would she have come if the troupe agreed with the guy she loved to bring her together with them? It reminded me of the time when my sister said, how strange it is that a stranger would step into your life and suddenly become the most important person in the world, your family wouldn’t matter anymore. How strange it is… And how difficult it is to bear and give birth to a child, to raise and nurture him/her to grow up healthy and become a decent person, all those efforts for so many years. Your whole life attach to them then suddenly, nothing matters. I know nobody belongs to anyone. Each person is a separate individual, but shouldn’t relationships by blood somehow be different?

Well, anyway. I think I have a little crush on Song Jong Ho’s character – Shin Myeon. Now that I remember a bit more, I think I did like his character in Reply 1997, just that it was like just any other characters in any other dramas that I would like a little bit then it would naturally fade away. Shin Myeon left a stronger impression. How should I say? Manly? I didn’t think he was handsome at first, but I came to like his longing gaze, his voice, also his unique lips, and the strong aura of his appearance as well as emotions. I came across another one-episode TV drama and watched it because of him. In that, I like his way of holding the girl’s face by both hands, wiping her tears, then suddenly kissed her. And the kiss at the end, too. Made me all fluttered.

I know I sound like a teenager, fangirling all over a fictional character and a person on screen. But well, as usual, can’t control my feelings. And I kinda like it, although it does make me feel emotionally drained. Apparently there’s a good reason why I’m single. I’m scared of how intense my emotions are, both for joy and for pain. If I’m in a relationship, I will be tired and make the other person tired, too.


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