. Song Jong Ho fever is still going on so I’ve made 2 gif-sets today. Really, couldn’t help. He’s also in The Fugitive of Joseon with many other actors and actresses I know which makes me think of watching it, then it came to me that I don’t think I want to watch him being in love with another person in another drama (ha ha), so that’s that. (My iPod is randomly putting on She’s Not Me by Zara Larsson, lol, funny coincidence).

. Finishing translating another episode the other day was quite an achievement. I think it had about 300 more lines compared to the previous one, and the dialogue was harder to translate. I was very happy and left a huge sigh of relief after I sent it to the person in charge. Sometimes I wonder whether it’s worth it to put so much effort into something that doesn’t provide me back any real value. I get to crack my brain and practice my translating skills, but do I really need it? They do “pay” me but it isn’t real money, just virtual currency there that can’t feed me in any ways. Well… I will continue at least for now. I hope people appreciate our effort. Things that look flawless and easy don’t come from easy work.

. Usually realize I’m in a dream but today only the gentle breezy air of the morning let me know that I was asleep.

. About a week ago I finished reading Eleanor&Park. Thinking about it again, I wouldn’t go as far as not recommending it, but it certainly didn’t make it to my favorite list. I wouldn’t even want to read it again. (spoilers ahead)

The ending really bothered me. I didn’t understand why she had to stop communicating with him, or why he went to the prom with another girl and kissed that girl. It felt like unnecessary over-romanticizing the plot just to make the story more beautiful (which it wasn’t). And why people had to find the need to put another-person-not-the-main-lead to get emotionally involved when of course she didn’t get the guy because he was crazy in love with the main lead. I mean okay we get it, it was a beautiful love between the main couple and all that, but was it really necessary to praise the love on the expense of another person? Like, seriously? It could have just stopped at going with another girl to the prom, excluding the kissing part. Not beautiful, not funny.


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