. I met Maria on the way to Lidl, saw Harri in Lidl, and saw a person I think is Zhang Kaiyu in S. This last person, I saw already one time when I was going to the center and he was jogging toward me to the opposite direction. Usually I can recognize people quite well and that time I already thought he might be Zhang Kaiyu. And he also smiled at me. But I wasn’t sure. Same thing happened this time. I mean, is he Zhang Kaiyu? Kaiyu was Kiwi’s boyfriend back then and we were doing the strawberry-picking job together, then the last time I heard about him was that he was at some city setting up a restaurant. During the “strawberry” time, 5 of us lived together in the same house and we were quite nice with each other. Although we weren’t extremely close or anything (of course I was closer to Kiwi and us two don’t even keep in contact now), I was kind of thinking he would have said or asked something actually if he’s really Kaiyu (back then Kaiyu talked to people a lot in a very relaxed and happy manner). But I wasn’t sure and he only smiled, so I was left all confused. Or is he not Kaiyu, he was just being friendly because he thought I might be Chinese? I’m like, do I know you or do I not know you? Confused Chi is so confused.

. Song Jong Ho fever hasn’t died down yet. I’m going to watch another drama he was in. Its main name is Golden Bride. It’s also known as Bride from Vietnam. (Surprised? ~~) Seems like he’s the second lead and it has in total of 64 episodes, but well… Lol, I can be very funny when I like something/someone.

. I forgot to mention in the previous post that I actually paid attention to John Park more because he chose IU’s My Old Story to be in his personal playlist. His way of describing how he liked the way she conveyed the song’s emotion, and that he believed IU might look cute outside but she must have more than that, was very cute itself. And the part when he said “So it’s sad”. It really boosted up my fondness of him.

I also got to know that he was invited to be a guest for IU’s encore solo concert in 2012. Seems like it’s always easier for me to remember and pay attention more to Korean artists if they are related to IU. But no it’s not the only reason. Really, I wouldn’t look twice if his song wasn’t good. Attention was one thing, having interest is another level. I do like “U”.


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