U – John Park

I’m not a big fan of the MV, but I do like the song and his voice a lot, especially when he reaches high notes. I think it has very nice contrast with his low voice, they blend in harmoniously.

I heard that he decided to not perform this song on stage, which is a pity but at the same time understandable. Usually I like watching things live, it makes me feel the emotions of the moment, but I remember one time I was watching a music show online during IU’s Red Shoes promotion, and I definitely didn’t like it. One song rushing after another, glamorous and all, but it lacked the feel. It was either emotionless, or way too bubbly which felt rather fake. After that, I decided to just watch the performances separately, one by one later, to wholly absorb everything and appreciate it all. I suppose maybe he thought the same and didn’t want to ruin the feeling the song has?

Talking about John Park, I actually didn’t know much about him. Some people reminded me that he appeared on Running Man, only then I remembered ah yeah he and Kwang Soo made another pair of “dumb and dumber” brothers. It’s only for the fun of the show. He’s cute. What I remember more is another show in which he made me laugh a lot, then some other people said that he’s funny and he should come to shows more often, then he said yes please do invite me more. He appeared to be quite eager to do things and want to communicate with others. I like to see him, he has a pleasant vibe of appearance.

Additional information, ohla also told me that she knew him from American Idol. What’s more? His profile says that he’s same age as I am, and today is his birthday! Happy birthday, John Park!


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