. i just feel that there’s no need to look down a kind of music because it’s not true to its kind, or when it doesn’t fit your standard. if it makes you feel good, what else matters?

. the girl in Golden Bride has a very strange Vietnamese, sometimes i have to rely on English subtitles to understand what she says. i also realize there are many people i know are in there, like Heechul from Super Junior, Choi Yeo Jin who was also in I’m Sorry I Love You, Kyeon Mi Ri who was in Dae Jang Geum, even one person from Goong, and some others whose faces are very familiar but i can’t think of specific drama names yet. this drama puts me in a strange space, some things are pleasant and some aren’t. it’s also a family weekend drama so like the one i’m translating, there are details that are over-dramatic but it’s kinda expected. it will take me a while to get used to. apparently this drama was so popular that it was extended by 14 episodes. Song Jong Ho doesn’t appear much, but i enjoy his acting every time he’s on screen. have a bit of dilemma when it comes to scenes where he acts lovey-dovey with his pair though, ha ha.

screencap ep 3.

screencap ep 3. love his manly and firm posture and frame.

. talked to my family today as usual. Thai Binh already knew how to flip over. whenever he’s put on the surface, he will do it. my sister said it’s his passion these days, ha ha. he doesn’t know how to flip back yet though, despite all the effort of kicking in the air and crawling on his tummy and turning some 90° on the surface, which frustrates him. oh babies, such wonders. when i was with him back then, he couldn’t even turn his head yet.

baby Christophe Thai Binh, who can raise his head very high now. photo taken by my mom.

baby Christophe Thai Binh, who can raise his head very high now. he still has that bubble with green handle toy with him, i used to use it to divert his attention from crying ^^ and look at his legs, so chubby and cute!! photo taken by my mom.

. the weather was nice today, not too cold and still sunny. love love love it.


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