what happened already happened

there’s no need to dig deeper into it

she chose this so there wouldn’t be any discontentment when she went

you can’t save people, you can only love them

death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities


i woke up sad

the news hit me harder than i thought

the heavy air floating around the whole day

what a weird space


washed the fluffy indoor slippers

washed this, washed that

waited for the dripping sounds fade to silent

breathe in, breathe out


put on some make-up

mascara, cha cha tint, coralista blush and lip gloss

felt pretty

received some unexpected smiles

felt better


watched it’s okay that’s love last episode

suddenly, cried when davichi’s song came up

awesome ost is awesome


it’s you by neon bunny was long but good

its mv gave so many flashbacks and feels

the air is getting crispier

dusk gets dark at nine

forgive yourself at night, sweetheart – tumblr said

and commit every morning


the whole day thought about what shinji usually puts in her tag

i love you, please don’t die

i love you


don’t die



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