edit by 41days

edit by 41days

my lovely girl‘s script is cliche but i like its atmosphere – airy, soft, calming.

watching it is so comforting.

i like krystal more the more i watch her. i like her voice, too.

rain is good also. actually, he’s very good.

i want to watch it more.

gently touching…

[In this story], a man and a woman are both injured (hurt) by a person’s death.

They eat meals, sleep, and sometimes smile like they used to in the past, but the one thing that’s changed is that even happy moments they might feel each day are tinged with misery. These two people extend hands to each other and say, “Stop being tormented, it was not your fault. So, you can be happy now.”

Through this story, two people fall in love again by letting wounds heal and opening their hearts (minds). When faced with a lot of death in life, humaneness and love is what comforts us and gives us the strength to get back on our feet, after all. We would like to present a heartwarming and ordinary story.



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