a pop-up thought from ‘one hundred names’

i started reading “one hundred names” a couple of days ago


Cecelia Ahern is that rare author that still actually believes in the goodness of people. Maybe it’s her youth, maybe she’s just that person, but it is so clear that she believes that people are good, that people are beautiful, and that what is most beautiful about life is the story that each of us has to share.

On the surface, you could probably write this off as a sappy chick-lit piece, but it’s so much more. You could just read the book and move on, or you could stop and take notice. You might find yourself smiling as you turn the page, or notice someone else watching the look of warmth on your face while you’re reading out in public. You might just find yourself interested in the people around you – the people who pass you on the street, stand in line with you at the cafe, or sit next to you on the bus. If you let it, this story – stories, really – will open you up to all of the interesting things you encounter every day.

Stop being cynical, critical, impatient – let Ahern do what she does best.

Monika on goodreads

and at some point during the day

i thought about how the main character

picked herself up right after the fall

i thought “well, it’s in a book”

then “hey, but others do it, too”




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