in one of the dreams

my room was kind of grey, but it wasn’t cold, actually rather soft and it had light coming in

i don’t remember how, not sure sure now what it was – either a horizontal old paper or a mug, it had drawings of leaves and nice words in beautiful handwriting

maybe it was some effect of one hundred names that i finished reading it whole before going to sleep

taylor swift was also in my that dream, strangely

she was asking on a loudspeaker about the person who she was supposed to meet but didn’t show up, like where are you or something like that

then my friends – or rather neighbors in the same building – told her she could come in and stay for a while, so she did

i slid down the staircase handle (this must have come from my lovely girl) to show her the thing (that either paper or mug thing) but realized i forgot it upstairs, so i rushed back up to try to find it around the room and came down again

she was patient with us but her mind wasn’t there

after a while, she left

maybe i saw too many posts about her private event with some selected fans?

i really liked taylor, i just wondered about things once in a while


the day was gloomy when i woke up, it was raining

so many leaves left the tree in front of my window

i’m scared of time passing by

drifters… that word came to me today from a ted talk

maybe i should drift away from that word then


i like marit’s style after m2m’s split

(still can’t believe m2m was so faraway back… that certain part of my childhood was so… endearing)


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