i think it was in a room of a tall building with open corridors…

in my dream, i was popular (ha ha)

a guy went away and another came

he was flirtatious, trying to wrap his arm around my waist

then Perhaps came in so he took back his hand and pretended to act normal

Perhaps looked at him, full of suspicion

and suggested to play cards

like my mind was read, i had just thought moment ago when i saw him “woah it’s been a while we didn’t play cards together”

Perhaps lied down and i saw something like papers on his back in a split second

i tried to take it off in a joking way, Perhaps was avoiding it but at the same time was smiling

then the other guy helped me and Perhaps immediately changed his attitude

when those two were glaring at each other, i took the chance and got the papers

(this must be the effect of the name-tag game from Running Man)

i ruffled his hair

he smiled


in another dream, i saw deer in the city

they were just casually hanging around

was it in the park? i saw some white arches

they were near the green trees, going this way, that way, and i followed them, as usual with my camera

the dreams were light and pleasant


Antti I. was patient and kind

no class going on at the moment so he gave me a book to read and make slides of

school, school, school…

Modern Times was released a year ago (on the 8th)

listening to it on the way home brought lots of feels


why are there so many songs released during this time?

my favorite is Time and Fallen Leaves by Akdong Musician

well, i was crazy about Akdong Musician ever since 200% and was even more thrilled when IU and AkMu got acquainted and stayed close

of course i had to check out every AkMu release from then on

this song is as nice as their other songs, with Lee Soo Hyun’s pure and soothing voice and her special high notes blended in perfectly with Lee Chan Hyuk’s deep tone, and overall it gives off a calm feeling and also sadness of the fall

and that cover photo, wow, isn’t it a piece of art?

next up is Kim Tae Woo’s song for My Lovely Girl OST

i haven’t watched the new episode(s) yet so i don’t know how it comes up there, but i’m pretty sure it will be good

people don’t seem to appreciate this drama’s OSTs very much, but i really like most of them so far

side note about Kim Tae Woo: i knew him when IU said she was a fan of g.o.d then later on had a duet with them and also attended Tae Woo’s second daughter’s first birthday party

my first impression was that he must be a cool guy, who’s serious and all

then i watched him in Running Man…


just kidding, he actually was pretty friendly and cute, the kind of person you like to spend time with

i’m happy to see more of him, and listen to his solo song too so that i know how his voice is like

i like it


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