Seo Taiji (서태지) – (크리스말로윈)



After watching the teaser, I knew I would keep my eyes on Seo Taiji’s releases from then on (for this album, at least). It’s really amazing how I turned from “Seo Taiji? Ehm…” to “Wow, must thanks IU for introducing me to this legend’s music”!

Two MVs were released for this song, The earlier one was band version and then there was the cinema one. It was hard to choose which one I like better, but then I wondered why I had to choose anyway. The band version was to gain interest (which did work on me : p), and the cinema one expressed in clearer form the meaning of the song (especially for people who don’t know Korean, like… me :”)). I would go for the band version if I just wanted to listen to full song without disruption, and the cinema version would be for times when I wanted to admire the project as a whole.

I personally loved Seo Taiji’s idea for switching the role of Halloween and Christmas. Well, considering the fact that I’ve been living in Santa’s land, my conscience was tickled a little bit. Still, I thought it was a terrific idea. Things aren’t always as we think they are, are they? Things might turn out to not to be as good-natured as it seemed, and ugly things might contain unexpected warmth and kindness.

Everything was portrayed wonderfully in the MV. It matched very well with the concept of the song. It kept my attention from the beginning to the end, and I also watched it a couple of times more because it was pretty cool. Like ‘Sogyeokdong’, I could clearly see that lots of effort was put in, which leads to the result to be well-polished and exceedingly satisfying.

I’ve always liked the feeling when I saw things that was taken with deep thought and care, things with expectation that didn’t meet with disappointment, things that amazed me and made me think “Woah, so people could even come up with this ~”. Although the idea ‘Santa is evil’ still didn’t sit so well in my head and I particularly didn’t want to see myself question the good things in life, I adored the other side of the spectrum. Not sure he even meant it like that (I heard I could always count on Seo Taiji for dark themes), but as usual, I interpreted things in my own way. One thing for certain though, his songs had unique sound and depth, and he was called ‘president of culture’ for a good reason.

I suppose, it was a good thing to overcome the fear and find the ‘hidden beauty’ then? Who could have predicted how fascinated I could become with a Halloween thing that started with a scary scene? ‘Scary’ was such a big ‘no-no’. Exceptionally worthy, this was.


2 thoughts on “Seo Taiji (서태지) – (크리스말로윈)

  1. I totally respect Seotaiji, And I love this song!! I was blown away from the first time I listened to it!! It’s so unique, catchy, and has a great message, what else can we ask for? I read Seotaiji’s songs are difficult to translate, even when people make great efforts 😦 I found this comment on youtube:
    “googooeugene 1 week ago
    The real beauty of this song is with its lyrics, but the depth, metaphor, satire, and rhyme seem to get all lost in translation when I tried to translate it into English. Tough luck! You’ve got to understand both the Korean language and the current status of its government to fully enjoy and appreciate this music. ”

    😦 We could not fully understand but we still can appreciate it, right? It seems Santa’s village stands for the goverment and the ones in the power, and Witch’s village stands for the people or somenting like that.

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