f(x) (에프엑스) – Dracula



I usually group the ‘scary’ stuff into one category. Once in a while, I would peek at them and depending on their ‘scary level’, I could actually like it. ‘Christmalo.win‘ is clearly an example of this. It’s only mildly scary and I find it interesting. Before this song came out, there is another one that reminds me of Halloween (not originally related (right?), but, you know, one ‘scary group’) – ‘Dracula’ by f(x). Thought about Halloween from the first time listening.

‘Dracula’ is a song from f(x)’s most recent full-album ‘Red Light‘. Don’t remember exactly but I think I’ve never particularly mentioned that ‘Red Light’ is one of my favorites albums this year, and ‘Dracula’ is one of the most notable songs from it. The “turututututu la-la-la-la” part reminds me of another song from f(x) that I couldn’t put my finger on it so it made me a bit uncomfortable (not to mention I thought it was “check it out” and then realized it was “Dracula” when I read the lyrics…), but the song overall has good rhythm and I like it as a whole. Not sure if it’s because it’s in English and consequently sticks to my head better, but I especially love the “Hold me, trust me, hold my hand. Look at me, love me, I’ll protect you” part. It sounds beautiful in every way possible.

The more I talk about it the more this song feels like not related to Halloween at all… But well, let’s just listen to the screaming and the song and just for today, pretend that it is. Trick or treat? It’s a treat.



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