Yesterday I made a quick decision to go to Tampere and just like that I went. I passed by the police office to pick up my residence permit, which was short. Then I visited Yves Rocher, mainly because I wanted to get the free travel/male-up pouch and also gift for my birthday in November, but I received some other things I don’t need instead, so maybe I will put them to the November Care Package or find someone who can take good use of them. Vietnamese store was next, and the shop owner took my phone number so she could call if there’s a restaurant job needed. Finally I came to Thai Laos and had dinner there, and when I finished and paid I realized take-away could have saved me 30% (Jani told Doina and me about this but I totally forgot). No wonder why I was the only person sitting there and eat. On the second thought, I think I actually wanted to stay, partly because all the stuffs I had with me at the time wouldn’t allow me to carry anything more. And sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy the atmosphere, the simplicity of a normal but precious life. It would be nice also to pass by Wayne’s for a cup of hot chocolate with cream (I think I got addicted to this thanks to Antti) but it wasn’t on the way, what a pity. I took out Oh Comely to read at the bus station. I’ve said many times but really I love this magazine. It filled me up with comfort and light. I haven’t finished reading it yet but this 22 issue may very well be my favorite. I didn’t have much luck with the bus though. The driver was driving fast, and braking fast too. At every stop or turn, I felt like my stomach was going upside down. I was so glad when I got home. I missed it dearly.

Today was sunny and I had a chat with my family instead of tomorrow. Sam changed school, he didn’t seem to like it very much and I wondered whether it had anything to do with the fact that he was separated from the girl he liked in the previous school. His second birthday is coming up very soon so after chatting with me, my family went to a restaurant. It might be too hectic to celebrate on the actual day. When I looked at the photos of Sam with the birthday cake, it reminded me of time when we celebrated my birthday when I was small. Restaurant, birthday cake, fruits, family photo. My birthday is also coming soon and all I’m feeling is terrified. These days I often fell asleep out of nowhere and woke up panicking. What can I do, what can I do. This month, my only wish is to get a decent job.

Yoon Hyun Sang and IU performed “When Would It Be” on Music Core and the response was great. The song didn’t get all-kill on real-time charts right upon its release, it climbed up ranking pretty fast then dropped down fast too and the pattern repeated itself for a while. After it was performed on the music show though, it rocketed to second place and gradually getting very close to no.1. I didn’t notice before but now I can clearly see what difference it makes between doing promotion on music shows and don’t. Now I admire IU even more for all the times she didn’t do promotions but still get all-kill, perfect all-kill, and cups from music shows. I don’t want to set my hope too high, but I still wish this song could get certified all-kill and perfect all-kill also.

Okay, time for bed. This morning I woke up feeling a bit sick (slight fever and sore-throat and stuffy nose), maybe it was the result of the ‘stormy trip’ yesterday. Feel like it’s gone now though. Should take care of my health to be able to live properly.


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