. i think my temperate was a bit high yesterday. When i was going to sleep, i thought about the last time i felt like that – my mind was clouded and it was as if i was going to another world if i fell asleep. i was in Lärkkulla at the time and it was all good though, the teachers were there and my friends were there also, there were meals prepared and i could peacefully took time to rest. My little world changed drastically and here i am all alone, but i didn’t want to go to any other world. i want to stay. i remember telling myself that before trying to sleep. Thinking about the bad things and then thinking they aren’t so bad. Live on.

. i went to Lärkkulla’s website the other day to get the address to send them a package, and i noticed that Maija’s name wasn’t there in the teacher list. Then yesterday Khoa told me that she’s retired, that he called her the other day and she sent me greetings, inviting us to visit her home. So my two Finnish teachers, Maija and Anna, none of them are there anymore. It’s a bit sad, but at the same time, i’m glad i at least had a chance to be their student. Lärkkulla… They thought so nicely of me and i always have the feeling i’m letting them down… i hope i could stay, so that i could go back there and visit them. To meet Maija again, to meet Oanh and Khoa again..

. Yoon Hyun Sang and IU made a hashtag video and it was nice to watch.

From there i got to know Hyun Sang better, for example “the man of the opposites” has both soft and strong sides, and he likes zombie and thriller movies (!!) but then he mentioned ‘Her’ and said he loves it. Reminded me about IU, she also mentioned that movie and sang ‘The Moon Song’ a couple of times. He talked about the smell of the seasons as well, which i liked. Then IU came in and they clarified that they’re not supposed to be lovers in ‘When Would It Be’, it was just about them dated separately and sang the song about missing the people who left. i thought it would actually be nicer that way. From the beginning i was rolling my eyes already when some people complaining about them not having some lovey dovey moments in the MV. i didn’t think it was a must to show it all over the place to emphasize “hey, you see, it’s love”. It could be vague and let your imagination have a bit of fun. Now that they clarified it, apparently there’s even less reason for them to have some skinship for example. The MV is most beautiful the way it already is.

. i captured my fairyland garden today.

Fairyland on Facebook.

Fairyland on Facebook.

Fairyland is the first game i ever played on facebook. It’s said there that my garden age is 6 years 4 months. i left it for a very long time and only recently i came back. it felt a bit unfamiliar at first, but i got the hang of it back soon enough. It was really fun during Halloween, when the superfood was free. There were much more wildlife creatures to spot, people were busy visiting each other, and it felt festive indeed. i wanted to catch this scene, to remember. The pumpkin i was trying hard to make it bigger. The only scarecrow i had this time and i had fun collecting its pieces: the head, the hat, the shirt, the legs, the face; and it had the combination i liked: green and black. The Halloween flower that had the fruit of a spooky Halloween ghost; the ghost changed shapes every now and then. The Trick or Treat flower – i collected the seed from spotting the Halloween creatures, and i don’t remember how it would turn out although i must have had it before, so i’m still a bit excited. The Pink Ribbon plant for October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which i have only one left now. The Scorpio flower – it’s my birth month and it’s red, yay. The garden was covered in autumn leaves, then it had the pink background from the Pink Ribbon plant, and finally it was added with dark Halloween theme with the witches and bats flying around. For the first time ever, Halloween felt great. No scary stuffs, just fun. i captured this because i didn’t want to forget. I thought about how Playfish games aren’t around anymore. Although i left before it was shut down, i still wish i could have chance to go back and reminisce about the past, and maybe experience the kindness and fun from it, once more.



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