. The pain woke me up from the sleep. Later on I cried for another thing. But it was all okay.

. LOEN released BTS video with Eng sub for “When Would It Be”. Especially liked the part when Hyun Sang said Ji Eun (IU’s real name) was like a fairy. And the part when IU was surprised when the filming ended (it was cute), maybe she thought it would be longer? And the part when IU said Hyun Sang still seemed energetic since it was his first MV shooting. And the part… I don’t know, there’s a special air in LOEN’s videos for their artists. I liked it all.

. Dreams… There was one in which a person was interested in me. A bit of teasing, but it was definitely a clear interest. Respect. Attachment.

. The world of possibilities… Maybe there is. Keep trying. “Keep swimming”.

. Email from Oh Comely. Message from etsy. Mm ~

. The warmth is so comforting…


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