i had a dream last night, in which there was a person who claimed to be getting married to me.

baffled by it, but i still put something like “hey, i’ve just found out that i’m getting married. thank you for all this while” or something like that along the line, to my signature to a forum. then C.H. Mai put one to answer, “this fine girl is going to get married. she has been with us for so long it’s hard to imagine this day would come. have a happy journey”.

writing about it now feels funny, but things never seem weird inside the dreams.

i was at a place with Heechul, not the current Heechul but Heechul back then from Golden Bride. he was lying down and i was bending over to look at him. then he raised up and kissed my lips. when i was still taken aback, he climbed out of where he was, stood up, still with smile on his face, he hugged me. he caressed my back and held me close. it was long and intimate. it was the best kind, feeling each other in such a soft and tender way. it made me feel all warm and fluttered inside.

i don’t even especially like Heechul so really don’t know where this came from, ha ha.

then he left somewhere and i met up with our group of friends. from this point on i don’t remember much. it was just something about the guy claiming to be getting married to me, he coincidentally met/saw us a couple of time (during my time in Lärkkulla in Karjaa and then in Valkeakoski as well), he also took some pictures, and he thought of that idea but he wasn’t serious, so it was all good. the best description about me reacting to this whole issue was “oh, okay”, emotionlessly. there was something else about the tall building apartment, dogs, and maybe a well, but pieces of the dreams evaporated rather quickly.

hm, dreams.


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