. i went to AIESEC Tampere Alumni ‘meeting’ today in O’Connells and sat next to Satu. it had been a really long time, and she seemed to be genuinely happy to see me again. i felt right at home. we had chance to reminisce, which brought back glorious memories. i couldn’t help but feel quite nostalgic. other people were very nice, too. nothing will ever be the same again, but i think AIESEC will always have people who are excited about the world. i’m glad i was there. positive energy recharged.

. ‘My Lovely Girl’ has ended. i haven’t finished watching the last 2 episodes, but i know already i will miss it dearly. i’m not going to watch new dramas next, since i need to concentrate on other important things and my external hard-drive doesn’t have anymore free space anyway. good timing. i hope a nice job will land on me with the same good timing manner. : p


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