. i went to the supermarkets today since they are closed tomorrow for Father’s Day. what a satisfying feeling to buy all the things needed, as fresh and as less processed food as possible.

i also met with Maria. things seemed to be going well for her, which was good to know.

accident shots aren't too bad.

accident shots aren’t too bad.

. Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ playing on CD/cassette player sounded really nice. i like its package also, it’s compact and the stuffs are cool (polaroids and booklet).

i ate my sandwich (with ham, cheese, cucumber, tomato, and salad) then we watched The Company We Keep. it was a good movie.

in the middle of it, we paused and i had a nap though. i was feeling cold and a bit sleepy (not because of the movie). it was a shallow but pleasant sleep. i liked the blanket, curling up under it felt amazingly good. i was totally warmed up and awake when i woke up.

the air. the warmth. everything is so dear. i was trying to inhale them all in. Finnish winter brings me so much feels. i don’t ever want to part with this place.

like tiny little stars.

like tiny little stars.


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