foggy day.

foggy day. flag up for Father’s Day.

. the snow seems to be melting away. as usual, the first snow doesn’t come to stay.

. talking to my family was nice. i wished my father and Pierrick ‘Happy Father’s Day’. they wished me early ‘Happy Birthday’, since it’s often the case of remembering days earlier but not on actual day. Sam was sick but he didn’t seem to bother too much. i admire children’s energy, innocence, excitement. they have such a strong will to live, naturally. watching them is such a joy. Thai Binh looked much more grown than last week for some reason. he’s growing fast, turning himself, starting to crawl, and crying less. i kind of miss his ‘younger days’ already, lol. France is like a lifetime away…

. i finished translating a clip to prepare for Moon Chae Won’s birthday. hers is one day after me. i haven’t been active on kites, i don’t make gifs because it takes too much time and effort, but translating is one thing i still could do for the time being. i have one project left, then i’ll see if i want to continue.

. i received another rejection letter because i’m not fluent in Finnish. i wish my intermediate level could do better, but i don’t want to boast about it when in fact i’m not fluent yet. not sure if my ‘humble and honest’ motto will get me anywhere but well… gotta put serious work here. be more active in using the language. you can do it, Chi. getting there.

. made ‘cơm rang dưa bò‘ for dinner.

rice. egg. beef. sour mustard.

rice. egg. beef. sour mustard.

the lighting was horrible… anyway. it was good for a change. i like afamily recipes in the sense that they don’t use fancy ingredients (just easy ones that i often have at hands) and the instruction is easy to follow. previously it was ‘mực xào cần tây‘ that made to my favorite dishes for summer. i suppose i should get more out of it.


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