141110 #feelinghappy

. receiving an email in the morning saying i’m going to have a job interview was definitely a good start! it’s going to be on my birthday. my only wish this year, would you please please please come true?

. i bought a light bulb (A+ :3) and it totally brightened up my place. little things make big differences.

greenie ~

greenie ~

. Khoa called me and we talked on the phone for about an hour. it was so comfortable and motivating to talk to him.

. the November Care Package has started and i’m preparing for the gift i’m going to send out. how exciting.

. i logged in my society6 account today and realized that somebody bought a mug!! i will receive very little from this but i’m happy nonetheless, thinking somebody liked it enough to buy something from me. whoever you are, thank you so much!!

. Yoon Hyun Sang released his MV for ‘Always Be With You’, the song he composed and IU sang previously that we all liked. gentle and suitable for this emotional season. and the scene when he puts his arms around her is so warm and soft and fluttering…

. Taylor Swift released her MV for ‘Blank Space’, too. Just like ‘Shake It Off’, it’s meant to be a joke. i like this one more actually. there are some scenes that really stood out for me. she seems to be a good actress now, much better than when she was in Valentine’s Day.


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