MelOn Music Awards

. IU won Artist of the Year and I think it’s totally worth it. Although she didn’t release her own music and do promotions, she did work hard “like a cow” the whole year, collaborating with both rookies and veterans. All those things were of high quality, and if not perfect all-kill then all-kill or nearly so that they achieved. IU is growing so well as a musician.

IU mentioned Uaenas during her award acceptance speech. Captured: IUmushimushi

Love her performances. IU’s so gorgeous. I like the way the old people played the instruments and the children sang back-up verses. It’s just like the way her music touches generations, everyone from old to young.

People didn’t seem to like IU’s dress that much I personally liked it right when I saw her performing. She looked like a goddess, spreading beautiful feelings with the way she conveyed her music. It also reminded me of the dress she wore in Beautiful Man, when Bo Tong listened to David’s confession song.

Credit: 안쓰

Other small details that I like:

  • IU received a rose from a fan on red carpet just like last year. Love her dress here as well.

  • Yoon Sang handed her Artist of the Year award (when I saw him being MC for this category, it felt like really good sign). Lee Sung Kyung handed her the Top 10 Artists (Oh So Nyeo!! It’s Okay That’s Love!!), and the guy is Nam Joo Hyuk (200%)?

  • IU and Taeyang shared a chair :3 And their jackets looked like a couple pair XD (I don’t ship this couple but IU used to show so clearly how she liked Taeyang, so this is still cuteness overload! wondered if anyone’s like me who thought he was G-Dragon at first because of his hair…)

“On camera *just pretend he’s not here* inside thinking “OMG OMG I’m in my dream~~~~~” kkkk” – egghead_me

  • The camera zoomed in IU when AkMu performed, and zoomed in AkMu when IU performed : D

. Other non-IU comments:

  • I like A Pink’s Mr. Chu but their rendition today only reminded me of After School’s Bang.
  • I’m glad Ladies’ Code got the MBC Music Star Award. It was horrible, what happened to them.
  • I didn’t watch the whole program carefully but I think they also mentioned Shin Hae Chul? It was very sad, too.
  • Akdong Musician, 2NE1, Taeyang, and Winner all got awards, yay. They deserved it. And it’s not a secret that I especially like AkMu. I still listen to Play these days, whenever I need something uplifting. Make me feel that there are still fresh and exceptionally beautiful things in the world.
  • EXO was included in Top 10 Artists, too. It was such a bad year for them, but I hope they stay strong and come back stronger than ever. I like their ‘Overdose’.
  • What a pity CNBlue wasn’t present. ‘Can’t Stop’ was one of my most favorite mini-albums this year. I would have loved to see them performing in this award, much more than in MAMA or any other places. Plus, I wanted to see IU with more friends around. Maybe she didn’t need it but I’ve always felt that she was kind of alone every time in music awards. This time when I saw JungGiGo sitting next to IU, I thought he was Lee Joon but I knew there was no way Lee Joon could be present. That would be fun though. Or Jonghyun (SHINee).
  • Also, no f(x). ╥ ╥
  • When I see BEAST (B2ST) these days, I have more respect for them. They were called “a group of recycled material”, but look at them now, they’ve consistently made it big. Maybe their failures early on did strengthen them for the better. I’m not their biggest fan but I like their songs nonetheless. It’s hard to say what’s real and what’s not about celebrities, but I feel that they’re genuinely nice kids and their bond seems real. Wish them all the best.

So yeah, MMA passed by like that. I like this award in the sense that it was big but not too overwhelming. There were glitches here and there but overall it was nice – the sound, the stage, the program,…


So, until next time ~


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