i met an old couple in Lidl today. the man dropped this 5€ so i picked it up, ran after them to give it back. he was surprised, “is it possible?”, and went through his pockets to check. i said “yes, it’s yours” and waited for him. he took it and after a second he asked, “are you a student?”. it was then my turn to be surprised, but i was asked that question rather often so i said yes without really consider much, nearly added “HAMK:issa” at the end, lol. then he gave it to me. he said something about Finnish people. i didn’t know what else to say but thank them a lot until we parted (it was short between two doors anyway), to him and then to the woman who went ahead and came back maybe to check why it took him so long.

everything happened fast and i was tearing up on the way back. i had been frustrated the whole day (although i still did Anki for Finnish practice as scheduled), wondering what i could do to break away from this situation. i had wondered whether i had a place in this land at all, no matter how much i love it. then this happened and it felt like a pat with a smile, “hang in there, don’t be dispirited”. right? continue on. courage.


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