i finished 30-day yoga challenge.

thank you, Adriene. ♥

thank you, Adriene. ♥

yes, i did it. consistently every single day. i’m proud of myself, and i’m happy for the change in my body and my mind.

that being said, it wasn’t easy. the first three days i was pretty much in pain, wondering was it possible that i did it wrong or maybe i dislocated something. some days i was tired, i didn’t even want to move let alone gather enough strength to be energetic on the mat. there were times when i did it at 9:30 in the evening. however, for each of the obstacles that came and i pushed and pushed some more to overcome them, i felt myself bits by bits getting stronger.

i remembered Adriene’s words of finding what feels good and creating space. it was pretty much following the sense of curiosity and being present that Andy (Headspace) often mentioned. keeping those thoughts in mind while practicing both yoga and meditation definitely helped. in this case with yoga, i did it with much more ease and in a gentle way. in one video, Adriene said something like “you’re on the mat now, the hardest part is over” and i smiled at how true it was. when i was tired, i did it anyway but with much closer care on how i felt. if something was too much, i skipped it and moved on to next move or relaxed for a moment without feeling guilty. i knew i could also skip a day and pick it up the next day, but i knew i would be able to do it and it would make me feel better, so on the mat i went and indeed i was satisfied. confidence begets confidence.

after a couple of days i already felt more awareness on my spine and therefore improved my posture. gradually, i felt much lighter in my whole body, as if i could just spring up and there it was music for me to dance to. not exaggerating. those were moments of realization i wouldn’t want to forget. i would love to experience more. there were poses i wasn’t able to do, but “someday i will and how great it is to have so much to look forward to” (quoting Adriene again). i hope to not lose this momentum and continue with this path.

thanks so much to Adriene for guiding us through this journey. it was enjoyable and fulfilling.


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