29.4.2015. I finished watching ‘Healer’.

It feels a bit empty now, so I’m listening to its OST album. I liked its theme song from the very beginning, even before I started watching the show. It seems appropriate to listen to it again at this point.

Name it “a song that makes me want to run through the rooftops”. 🙂

Doina said she saw me talking about joining a recovery club and wondered whether she should watch it. To think about it, did she say so because I like ‘Nice Guy’ + ‘I’m Sorry I Love You’ so much and both of them are really dramatic and she thought it would be kind of painful to watch? Back then I was so immersed in my emotions I didn’t think much to answer her.  In a way, they have this same way of stirring up my emotions to the max, but at the same time they’re all very different. With ‘Nice Guy’, it felt like many things happened in every episodes, it was quite fast pace yet still concentrated at the right part, I enjoyed every single one of them, not to mention the chemistry between Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki was so incredible it made me want them to date in real life (it was the first time ever for me to want a couple on screen to be dating in real life. One time I got mixed up this “first time” with Bu Bu Jing Xin since I watched them quite closely together, but really, ‘Nice Guy’ made the mark). With ‘I’m Sorry I Love You’, I adored Im Soo Jung’s character and the warm and gentle love they shared, it didn’t matter how it ended as long as it happened. With ‘Healer’, I have to say that the chemistry between the two main leads – Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook – was so beautiful I didn’t care what was going on as long as I saw them together on screen. And that was why I was miserable. It may sound strange but the feeling was so strong it was hard to bear. Waves and waves and waves of intense emotions. Not because it was dramatic (it wasn’t) but because it gave me so much feels. So this year is quite special it seems. I thought it would take another while for me to meet another drama that could make me feel as much as ‘Nice Guy’ and recently ‘My Sunshine’, but I got to watch ‘Healer’ “thanks to” Linh and see what it did to me. Life is unpredictable, things come in the most unexpected way. And it doesn’t mean I was “only miserable” though, I was really happy while watching it. I still remember myself smiling unknowingly and automatically whenever I think about the show. It put me in a space of special happiness which was rare to come around; it was the kind of “misery”, after all, which I’m happy to encounter.

I chose the specific photo above for this post since it was the first time in the drama that it made my heart felt a bump. Was it episode 6? I was thinking of watching the drama again but I’m afraid of the roller coaster of emotions. Anyway. I started to feel it since ep 6, then from ep 8 (which they called “legendary“) onward it was a total whirlwind. The first half I watched one episode per day, sometimes once after a couple of days. Then the second half came and I made sure to watch it everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 eps per day. Linh said, “it sounds about right” :)))). Seeing other people share these same feelings and emotions puts smiles on my face. They’re all like, “yeah, I know. Been there, done that.”, very sympathetically.

I love this song from Michael Learns to Rock since it describes it so perfectly, “It’s a beautiful feeling…” Whenever I started hearing it in the background, the feeling about The Two came up as well. The other day I wrote this:

Healer makes me feel beautiful things.
it reminds me of moments of youth when you try and try really hard
you fight with all your might for belief you deelpy hold and people you deeply care about, no matter how helpless you would feel at times
it’s as if the passion within you would never die, and a single touch would mean so much.

In the drama, Chae Young Shin is my age and Seo Jeong Hoo is an age older (Ji Chang Wook was born in 1987 in real life, too). Can’t help but feeling wonderful about that. 😛

Not only the two main leads but I also like the rest of the cast. They made a special team, every role was on point and no weak links as far as I remember. Once in a while I see a team like this (Dream High, Good Doctor, It’s Okay That’s Love,…) and it’s always sad to see it comes to an end. But it’s okay, I’m thankful for everything they (the cast & the production team) made, the effort they put in, and thankful for the chance that it happened.

Now, to cure my withdrawal, I’ll read some more about it, listen to its OSTs a couple more times, and listen to the podcast that dramabeans made for ‘Healer’ as Linh suggested (she’s responsible for helping me through this!!). I wish I could find the star necklace they had toward the end of the show as well, but the chance seems slim… Anyway, didn’t plan to write this post but I did and my mind seems more at ease. To conclude, I’ll just put here the first video I watched from them. Park Min Young had never been in the list of my favorite actresses and Ji Chang Wook had been far from what I would call “ideal main lead” from watching him in Running Man, then this video gave me a certain sense of their chemistry together. I remember giving Linh this link on the 27th of January, and exactly 3 months later I went back and watched it again. ^^


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