Big Bang is back!



So finally, Big Bang is back! I don’t follow them closely (the only artist I follow closely is IU) but I do know that YG has this reputation of using a clock which doesn’t go according to Earth hour, meaning that Yang Hyun Suk (YG’s CEO) postpones the releases of his artists perpetually. I personally don’t mind because once he allows something to be released, it will be of top quality. He’s a perfectionist, I suppose. YG’s fans are frustrated though, which is understandable when you don’t know how your favorite artists are doing, when you’re going to meet them again, and you want new music from them. Imagine picking up the hints of them coming back, then be disappointed, over and over. And imagine, for example, you graduate from college, have a job, get married, have a baby, while still listening to Big Bang’s “latest release” ‘Fantastic Baby’. It must feel long and frustrating. In any case, now the boys are back for real. They will release new song(s) each month from now and have the full album release in September, if I remember correctly. Interesting way to keep them on top of the charts for months.

Big Bang let their fans (VIPs) listen to the new songs first before the actual release, and I saw the netizens mentioned most positively about ‘Loser’. When I first watched the MV, it reminded me a bit of their Still Alive era, particularly ‘Blue’ and ‘Monster’. Still Alive was my favorite album from them and still is, so it’s hard to beat. From first time watching and listening, ‘Loser’ didn’t quite impress me. I know it has all sort of deeper meaning to it as typical to Big Bang’s MVs (and maybe YG’s MVs in general), it’s just not my cup of tea. Even much less so with their second MV – Bae Bae.

It’s Big Bang though, I don’t give up on their music. I kept listening to their audio and gradually I grew more and more fond of ‘Loser’. It still has the Still Alive aura, but at the same time has its own distinct colors too. I also give credits to the headphones and the night, since apparently it doesn’t feel the same when I listen to it again the next day with my laptop speaker. It just can’t compare. Listening to it during the day with headphones still works, but without the headphones it’s just meh. I need to hear all the background instruments, beautiful harmony, and each member’s voice. If I can’t hear them, it doesn’t feel complete. Headphones make the music much smoother, give the experience much more pleasurable, and I feel deeper too. Times like this I also miss my separate set of speakers. I got it cheap at the time I bought, and it gave the most wonderful sounds out of all the speakers I listened to. Too bad it got stolen.

I got too carried away ha ha. Anyway, I’m pretty much addicted to ‘Loser’ now. ‘Bae Bae’ I like the bridge part; it’s strange how the song turned from “hm…” to “wow, this sounds good” real quick, I didn’t even notice the transition when the song was flowing. Wonder how their other songs will be like. Pretty sure they will grab some awards at the year-end ceremonies.


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